Meet Vivek

An engineer, entrepreneur, and community builder, Dr. Vivek Shinde Patil, has made his mark as someone strongly committed to and deeply passionate about public service.

Vivek moved to the DC area in 2013 to pursue a Master’s degree in international public policy at Johns Hopkins University. This transformative experience not only provided him with a foundation for policymaking but also crystallized his vision for community outreach and service.

After moving to Arlington, he immediately became involved in community engagement, founding an outreach group, with members from different parts of Arlington and beyond, called “Building Bridges.” Collectively, they reached out to several communities across Northern Virginia, engaged with hundreds of community members and influencers, built meaningful relationships, and helped problem-solve various community issues.  Vivek also actively engages in statewide outreach, attempting to find common ground and bridge the gap between urban and rural communities. As Co-Chair of Outreach for the Arlington Democratic Committee, he facilitates a volunteer team of over 60 volunteers focused on community building, expanding the electorate, and bringing more Arlingtonians into the political discourse. He also serves on Arlington’s Economic Development Commission (EDC) and leads an EDC advisory group that explores and vets creative ideas with the potential to transform the community through innovative and disruptive economic development. An avid environmentalist and conservationist, Vivek is a member of Virginia’s Board of Conservation.

Over the past two decades, Vivek has amassed comprehensive experience as an entrepreneur, scientist, and innovator. His academic credentials include an MS in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Memphis/University of Tennessee and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Ohio University. After his PhD, he pursued cutting-edge medical research as a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard Medical School in Boston MA. In 2006, Vivek transitioned to the private sector and has since worked at small, medium, and large biotech and life science companies. He also founded two of his own companies, one of which he successfully navigated through an exit in 2011.

Since coming to the United States as a graduate student over 18 years ago, Vivek has lived in several towns and cities across the country. While spending many of those wonderful and formative years in the mid-West (Indiana and Ohio), he truly found a home here in Arlington. Vivek cares deeply about innovation, expanding economic opportunity, and fostering community and shared empathy among and between all Arlingtonians. He is running for Arlington County Board to advance a progressive and inclusive vision for all of Arlington.

In his spare time, Vivek fosters senior dogs, visits state and national parks when possible and cooks for his friends.  He resides in the Courthouse area, with his dog Vanilla.